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Bali Island is one of the tens of thousands islands in the Indonesian archipelago that lies to the East of Java and the West of Lombok. It is famed for its culture and natural beauty, beaches and terraced rice fields with the capital in Denpasar, located on the southern part of the island. Bali Island, a land of enchantment, has been enticing visitors for centuries with its spectacular scenery and rich cultural heritage. Unforgettable walks can be found along terrace rice-fields, with an abundance of natural attractions and wildlife. Cooling waterfalls will refresh the body or you can ride the waves on some of the best surfing beaches in the world. As the main tourist destination in Indonesia, Bali Island is renowned for its highly developed arts, including music, dance, sculpture, painting, metalworking and leather.

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Pradha Villas Seminyak situated in a peacefully atmosphere, located in the midst of famous Seminyak area, in the heart of Bali most fashionable shopping and night life. Featuring 11 private villas, 3 units of 1 bedroom villa, 8 units of 2 bedrooms villas. Offer a very private retreat within earshot of the waves breaking on Seminyak Beach by 3 minutes walking distances. Each private villa is enclosed in its own immaculate walled garden with its own private swimming pool, Jacuzzi and sun deck. Pradha Villas Seminyak is a complex that offers only the best of everything; from the fully multitask staff to the level of privacy and the easy access to Bali’s exciting facilities. Pradha Villas Seminyak has never looked this good.

Pradha Villas Seminyak perfect for relaxing and romancing, truly your home at Seminyak…