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] Teges Village, Ubud: Thursday, 7.30 pm


Basically, this dance tells the same story as the ‘Kecak’ but without the monkey ensemble. However, a dramatic Gamelan musical accompaniment steps in to enliven the performance which is full of interesting characters, including kings, princes and princesses, different gods and even clowns. ] Puri Saren, Ubud: Tuesday, 7.30 pm


The Sanghyang dance originally developed to drive out evil spirits from a village. There are different forms, but all involve putting dancers into a trance through the use of chanting, incense and prayers. Inhabited by either demonic or heavenly spirits, the entranced dancers interact with the audience, dancing like nymphs or animals, some may even ...


A mask dance where the dancers have to imitate the character represented by the masks they wear. These can be single or group performances of up to 40 performer and show great creativity in expression due to the variety of the characters like, kings, old men, animals etc. Jauk is the solo version of this ...


Wayang Kulit is one of the great story-telling traditions of the Javanese and Balinese people. The Wayang show usually consists of a small four-piece orchestra, which provides the musical accompaniment, around sixty ‘puppets’, carved out of flat pieces of water buffalo hide, and the Dalang or puppet-master. The good characters speak in ancient ‘Kawi’, whereas ...