The Villa

Today, the Kuta to Seminyak stretch is a major tourist destination, with hundreds of hotels, bars, restaurants and shops. With the reputation of being one of the most beautiful and diverse tourist spots in Asia, Bali annually attracts almost 1,000,000 visitors from around the world. Bali is a traveler’s dream, rich with a unique and ancient culture – landscapes that strecth from pristine beaches to terraced rice fields, volcanic craters to colorful religious ceremonies – Bali is an island to be experienced!

Seminyak is one of Bali’s top tourist resorts with its natural appeal and great collections of fine restaurants. Seminyak area play host to a selection of Bali’s finest villas as well as an extensive shopping area. The hospitable and friendly natives of the Balinese and their way of life are by many considered as a magnet, inspiring those who have been in the island to go back again and those who have not to come.

Pradha Villas Seminyak 1 bedroom villa (162 Sqm) and 2 bedrooms villa (275 Sqm) are built, furnished and decorated using local timber, tiles, fabrics and artifact blended with a modern-minimalist edge. The layout of the complex allows for all guest require privacy, created using a modern Asian design with subtle Bali touches and modeled after traditional houses found in Java. Pradha Villas Seminyak recently becomes a major preference among the visitor for those who seek for a peaceful atmosphere and solitude…